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     About Journal

About Journal  

Robot (Chinese phonetic alphabet: Jiqiren), supervised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is cosponsored by the Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), CAS and Chinese Association of Automation. This journal aims to report the original, high-quality, significant theoretical and experimental research and development in the field of robotics.

Aims and Scope

Robot mainly disseminates technical progress and research achievement in the field of robotics in China and its various applications. Robot publishes articles on robot control, robot mechanism, sensor technology, machine intelligence and pattern recognition, machine vision, etc.

The following research works have the priority to be published in this journal: results with great social benefits and awarded by the state and ministry government; applied and basic scientific research results and technology realization results which have reached the world and domestic advanced level; results of the state-, ministry- and province-level key scientific research programs and key technological R&D projects; scientific research results with prosperous application prospects granted by the National Science Foundation of China; high quality papers written by young people. The columns of the journal include review articles, research papers, reports, short communications and technical notes and discussions.

History of Robot

Robot (ISSN 1002-0446, CN21-1137/TP) started publication in 1979, with its original name as Automation Abroad. In 1987, the journal was renamed as Robot. Presently, this journal is bimonthly published and distributed throughout both mainland and abroad.

Editorial board &editorial office

The editor-in-chief of Robot is Prof. Haibin YU. There are 91 members of editorial committee including 9 academicians. There are also a large number of peer-reviewers from key universities and research institutes who have gained outstanding achievements in the field of Robotics.
The Editorial office is under the administration of SIA, CAS. The main job of the office is the editing of two journals: Information and Control  (ISSN 1002-0411) and Robot (ISSN 1002-0446). The office is occupied by engineers and editorial professionals with M.S. and Ph.D degrees. As well as, more than 20 professors with extensive international journal paper writing experiences are volunteers for English abstract editing.

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