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4500 meter AUV developed by SIA completed first stage lake test
China's Manned Sub Jiaolong Takes Hydrothermal Fluid in Indian Ocean
WIA-FA approved by IEC as international standard
SIA-developed ROV recorded Jiaolong working in deep ocean for the first time
Arctic ARV developed by SIA to help scientists again in the sixth Chinese Arctic Research Expedition
SIA-developed glider achieved record depth of 1,000 meters during sea test
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Association of Automation
Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences
China Association for Science and Technology
China Science Publishing & Media Ltd.
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813 ZHAO Donghui, YANG Junyou, BAI Dianchun, JIANG Yinlai
  Transfer Method of Multiple Welfare-Robots Based on Minimal Fuzzy System
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683 SUN Fujun, ZHU Junhui, YANG Feiyu, CHEN Ruihua, SUN Lining, RU Changhai
  Method of Microscopic Positioning with Physical Markers
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363 TIAN Xiao-jun, WANG Yue-chao, DONG Zai-li
  A Pilot Study on Nano Forces in AFM-Based Robotic Nanomanipulation
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